pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Why do women feel the need to overly talk to their children when shopping in the supermarket?

You go down an aisle, pickup an item and look at the mother beside you with the kid, and she's already made eye contact with you.
She then proceeds to ask the 1year old what they should have for dinner and which item should they choose. The voice is now at a level, that you would think the child is deaf!

The child then starts to grab items, to be then told to "put it back", "No,you cant have that" and "that's a good boy". Mummy doesn't need that one, mummy has to hurry, and if we take this biscuit over this one, then that would be a healthier choice..blah blah blah blah blah.

You then proceed to keep moving, but every aisle you go into, they seem to appear.
While you make your get away choosing toilet paper (and while Im on the subject).....

Why is buying toilet paper the most embarrassing item to walk around with and then go through the check out? I would rather have a trolley full of sanitary pads then walk out with toilet paper under arm.
This sense of shame comes over me, because I think Im the only person in the world that has a ----! What is that about?!!
Anyway... that issue is for another day. Back to the mummy stalker...talker!

You both now end up at the register, and by this stage, bubba is crying like a banshee because everything jnr touches is snatched away, and mamma's voice has gone from high pitched, to gritted teeth mumbling, while she throws the shopping onto the belt ,ready for a quick exit.

NOTE: There are no prizes for trying to involve a child in the food shopping. The main objective is to get in and get out without too much drama.
If you stopped pointing things out and talking so much, they might actually think the supermarket is a fun and interesting place to be, just sitting in the trolley.
Children get so distracted by all the questions and attention, its enough to get a grown human annoyed, let alone a child!

The next time you are out shopping at the supermarket, spotlight, kmart etc, be aware of the mummy talker. You'll be surprised how many are out there.

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