pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's Happy 39th Birthday to me today! Im in the last year of my 30's, and can I say the best year's of one's life. If I could some how stop time, it would be now.

The teens are such an emotional, mixed up ,full of question's kidda years.

The 20's are trying to figure out who you are. You make bad decisions on men, fashion, hair styles, friends and most importantly money.
You tend to think your running out of time at the ripe old age of 25, and convinced your never going to look as good as you do right now, in a wedding dress! ( by the way, you will look at that dress for the next 50 years and say 'What was I thinking?'.You just don't seem to have it together, but you always land on your feet. If you make it through and learn from it, then the 30's look so much better.

Turning 30 give's you the right to say it how it is. Your a true adult now and you can't make excuses any more for your actions or misfortunes. Moving back home is just not an option, no matter how broke you are! You've gotta suck it up and get out in the world and make some life changing decisions that are right for you. Go with your gut and if it doesn't feel right then change it. Your in control.

So here's to my last year in the 30's and here's hoping it is one of the best ever, full of exciting new things and maybe a few surprises!


In your TEEN'S you dress for attention

In your 20's you dress for men

In your 30's you dress for success

In your 40's you dress like a 20 year old just to get noticed again!

In your 50's you dress in animal prints & bright coloured track suits.

In your 60's you dress for warmth in thermal underwear and beige coloured track suits

In your 70's you dress ready for the bathroom!

In your 80's you dress ready for bed!


  1. Happy birthday special girl hope it is a gr98 one!!!!! xxxx luv min

  2. Happy Birthday dear Kerry, Happy Birthday to you
    Thank you for letting me share a little bit of your day! The Doctors still want to know when your starting, I think you made their little hearts all a flutter!!! You've still got it goin on!!!

  3. Think you need to change your "About Me" stats now...

  4. Seriousely though...forever glad I met you in my guided me thru my 20's...and surprisingly were right about the amazing & very obvious change I would go thru & crystal clear brain function I would experience when I hit my 30's. (well in comparison to what I WAS experiencing).
    It pains me (as it always does) to were right.
    It will never pain me to say...Thankyou xo