pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Friday, June 18, 2010


Lets be honest. A woman's weight is on a her mind every single day of her life.

My weight determine's how I start the day.
The first thing I do most mornings is go to the loo, strip off to nothing( and I mean not even undies, as every bit counts) and step onto the scales.
If the digital scales say I've lost, then "OMG", its going to be a good day. My mood is instantly lifted and I have a spring in my step, ready to take on the day.
But...if the scales have moved up, then it's a different story. A little movement is despair and alot is just full depression. Having to wait a full day to see if any of it has come off is just pure torture!
I can hear you saying," Just dont weigh yourself ", but we all know THATS JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN
Putting scales in a bathroom is like putting a piece of chocolate next to your coffee and saying," Just don't be tempted ". YOUR JUST DRAWN TO IT
Some people put on a little, and out of despair eat even more. Im the opposite. I end up eating less.( and believe me, Im NO Annie!)
I tend to think like this, for example.
If I was 76kilo and I got down to 72Kilo, I now need to stay UNDER 72.
If you DON'T think like this you will always give yourself allowances.
Your thinking, Ive lost 4 kilos, so its OK if I put on a little. NO PEOPLE!!
FORGET the 76 number. Its GONE! Start thinking Im 72 now, and Im never going to get to that again. Every new number is a challenge to stay under.

Be proud you are losing the weight, and focus on the number you want to get to, rather than the number you came from.
Before you know it, the weight starts to come off little by little. Losing .3 is as good as 3kg. As long as its something.
We all know our weight issues are an on going problem, but if you can some how put a positive spin on it, then maybe we can all start the day feeling a little happier about getting on the dreaded bathroom scales!

(PS- As of this morning I have lost 5kg's since Easter. Looks like its going to be a really GOOD day! :)

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