pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's time for a Spring Clean! Your house is a reflection of you!! If your home is disorganised, then generally so is your everyday life. Clutter causes anxiety. So get motivated and start cleaning.

Start with your handbag and purse. How good does it feel to throw out all those unwanted receipts and bits of paper that you don't need. Put a small box in the study for all the receipts you want to keep.

Now start with one room at a time, otherwise you can feel overwhelmed thinking about the whole house.

The study usually is the most frustrating room. Just looking at all the paperwork in our study gives me a heart attack. Buy a shredder and SHRED any unwanted paper. Clear the desk and buy some nice woven baskets or whatever takes your fancy, and put bills in one, tax in another and so on. If you can't see it, then you won't think about it. Just remember to go through it every couple of months, just so it's up to date.

Throw out anything in the fridge or pantry that is out of date. Then start remerchanising all the canned food, flours, pasta, rice etc..into groups. Looking better all ready??? Once this is done, it will inspire you to do all the other cupboards. Mugs with NO HANDLES should be thrown out as well. LET GO!! (you know who you are!! :)

Old pillows, doona covers, pillow cases and towels that you don't use anymore....GET RID OF THEM!!!
If in good condition, give to the Salvo's or let the dog sleep on them for a few months. You will be amazed at the room you have created in the linen cupboard.

Saving stuff for a rainy day, is NEVER going to come. THE RAINY DAY IS HERE!!! So.. move forward, get organised , declutter and you will feel in control again

Clothes can be a hard one. You need to be in the mood for this one. Maybe start with the underwear draw. Throw out any old undies, socks, stockings etc.. to make room for a few new pairs. New undies always make you feel better, so make sure you replace the old ones.

The closet is next. Start by filling one big bag. Throw out the jeans that are out of date by 10yrs or dont fit. Anything that is two sizes too small. If you havent worn it in over 3 years, then time to go. Clothes are a gradual thing to get rid of. If you do it every 6 months you'll find you will let go of more clothes.
For every 10 pieces you throw out, shout yourself a new piece. If your sick of wearing it, then chances are we're sick of seeing it!!!

In saying all this, if your tired of thinking about it and are constantly putting it off, then do something to change it.

Get motivated and do at least one room. Who knows, you may start feeling like doing the others. You have to start somewhere. Overwhelming to begin with, but rewarding when your finished. Anxiety gone! :)


Did you know?  A recent study by bedding supplier Tontine revealed up to one-fifth of the weight of an average two year old pillow may be dead skin, bacteria and dust mites.....YUUUUK!!!

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