pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Teddy Love Club Walk

Sammi and I walked in the first TLC Victorian Memorial Walkathon at Doncaster's Ruffey Lake Park today.

The Teddy Love Club walk aims to raise funds and awareness for the pregnancy and infant loss support program that is run throughout 50 maternity hospitals across Victoria.

Over 100 balloons were released in memory of just some of the babies lost during pregnancy or shortly after birth each year.

We walked with over 150 people in the morning and looked forward to the balloon release that was to be at 1.30pm. Unfortunately for us, we went off to grab a coffee and returned at 1.20pm to NO BALLOON'S!!
They had released them 30 minutes earlier at 1pm (we missed the whole thing and didnt even get a photo!! :(

To make matters even more comical, my car was blocking the exit where the fire engines leave the park, so a mad dash was made to move the car before we really upset the fireman! (at least we had a good laugh)

The day didnt end the way we hoped, but it was a lovely morning and great to support TLC, even if we did miss the balloon's!  :)


For more info go to or phone 1800 824 240

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