pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Footy Supporting Breast Cancer

Buddy Franklin  (SPUNK!)

Josh Gibson  (HOT!)
Its Grand Final day AGAIN today, so I thought I would post a few photo's of some hunky Hawthorn players for you to admire :)  Nice!!

The McGrath Foundation releases a calendar every year of semi naked footballers..(what were they thinking?) to help raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. Its called the 'Gods of Football" and these are NOT pictures off the calender but I thought they were worth perving at !!! (Its a hard life watching these boys every week, but someone has to do it! Poor me ).... hee hee

Have a great day today watching the replay of Collingwood vs St Kilda.....and GO SAINTS!!


We are off to Hawthorn's Best & Fairest tonight at Crown and looking forward to a great night.
Buddy Franklin will be seated a table away from us this year, so it just goes to show, if you wish for something hard enough, your dream man can come true :) ahhhh love ...true love!!

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