pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Harry's Walk

Sam and I walked Lillydale Lake today for Harry, to help raise money for him and his family.
Below is his story. If you can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated :)

Welcome to Harry's Walk

In February this year, (2010), 15 year old Harry Mason had

a bad accident. He broke his neck and instantly became

a quadriplegic.

He has since undergone intensive rehabilitation and is

making a remarkable recovery. Doctors still cannot say

how complete Harry's recovery will be, but what IS

agreed is that intensive targeted rehabilitation

techniques will provide Harry with the best chance of


There is an organisation called Project Walk, in San

Diego, USA, which has achieved worldwide recognition

with its rehabilitation techniques for spinal cord injured

patients, and Harry's parents Sue and Scott have enrolled

Harry in the Project Walk program

For the best chance of recovery, Harry needs to get to Project Walk as soon as possible as treatment is

most effective in the first year after injury. Accordingly, he has recently moved to America and

commenced the program. It is anticipated that he will need an initial 4 month treatment program with

possible follow up treatments after that.

Project Walk, although a not for profit organisation, is not cheap, and is not supported by any insurance in

Australia. Harry's first trip will cost an estimated $60,000, and it is for this trip that we are fundraising.

Sue and Scott are proud people and find it difficult asking for help. They are currently trying to sell their

home to finance Harry's treatment. What has happened to Harry, his parents Sue and Scott, and younger

siblings Robbie, Billy and Jack has devastated them.

Harry's Walk is an event that will raise funds to assist the Mason family in their quest to

achieve the best possible outcome for Harry.

If you are unable to walk, but would like to assist Harry, you could make a donation direct to

Harry's Commonwealth Bank account as follows:

Account Name: Harry Mason (Harry's Walk)

BSB: 063 535

Account Number: 10402564

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  1. Kez, you constantly amaze me! With all that has been thrown your way the last few months you are still so giving of your time and energy. Thank you for walking with me today, thank you for the tears that are shed and the healing that comes with those tears and of course for the many laughs we have had along our friendship journey! Girlfriend you rock!