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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions

New Years Resolutions.... Why do we make them and generally why don't we follow through with them?

Maybe its because they are too unrealistic, too time consuming or just too hard!

Maybe if we made them more attainable we would actually be motivated to achieve our goals.

Instead of making a yearly goal, why not make monthly goals. Thinking of, or looking at, a whole years worth of 'things to do' is enough to make anyone anxious, let alone trying to fit it in with the rest of your 'real' life!

I've learn't that visualising and living 6 months ahead of yourself or even a year, can generally only lead to disappointment.
Life is going to throw some curve balls at you sooner or later and your not going to see them coming, so why put so much pressure on yourself to try and be the perfect person and live the perfect life when the universe has different ideas for you.
That's not to say you shouldn't plan for things, but just be aware that things don't always 'go' to plan.
They say that many people look forward to the new year for a new start on 'old' habits. Maybe this is true, or maybe you could start the new year with 'new' habits that are good ones!

Start by getting organised and prioritise your time. Everyone has time, it's up to you how you choose to use it. There's no point in making a resolution if your not willing to put the time aside to try and achieve it. Excuses only get you so far!

Instead of the usual New Years Resolutions like - lose weight,  stop smoking,  exercise more, be nicer,  etc etc.. why not start with ..... STOP making excuses. BE REAL about who you are and what your capable of. Get to know yourself and understand what makes you tick, and what stop's you from doing what you want to do. Say 'YES' more instead of 'NO'. DO something out of your comfort zone. GIVE yourself more time to think. PLAN your week and stick to it. A busy life, doesn't mean a fulfilling life! Don't be afraid of what people think. This is one of the main reason's people don't do what they really want to.

Stop being afraid and live the life you have been given, to do with it what you will. You only get one shot, and we all know how quick it goes.

So if you do have a long list of thing's to do this year, and it look's a little like the list from last year, then I suggest you put it aside and make some time to sit and think about why you haven't achieved those things. Make a list instead of HOW you are going to achieve it, once and for all. If not, before you know it another year will have passed.

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