pretty as a picture

pretty as a picture

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pet Medical Crisis Fund

Yesterday I spent the day raising much needed money for the 'Pet Medical Crisis Fund' at the Pet Expo in Malvern East.

The Stonnington Council run's the 'Pets in the Park' event every year and it's a great day out for all animal lover's. I have never seen so many different breed's of dog's in one place at one time and so well behaved! Just amazing!!

Below is some information about the fund. Please have a read and have a look at the website link.

Going forward I will be writing PET OF THE WEEK on the community page and helping out as much as I can to support this worthy cause :)


In 2009, I had an accident. I don't know what happened. One minute I was chasing seagulls and the next . . . well, I was in a lot of pain.

I'd ruptured several discs and needed emergency care. It cost my family lots of money. Fortunately, they were able to pay it. But lots of people who love their furry, hairy and feathered family members just as much as my family love me, can't afford emergency care.
So my mum, Jennifer started a Fund to help those families. It's called the Pet Medical Crisis Fund and it gives financial help to families who take their animal friends to the Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre, but can't afford the treatment or surgery costs.
Of course, it's better if you can take out pet insurance and I certainly recommend that.
Jennifer is a registered nurse and she'll be the independent administrator of the Fund. All the money donated will go to benefit the pets whose owners can't afford their emergency care. None of the money will benefit Jennifer or the Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre. It's all for the furry, hairy and feathered ones.
In fact, the money doesn't even go to their families; it goes straight to pay the veterinary bills. And they have to meet some criteria set by Dr Chris Preston or the Centre staff. These are things like:
  • They are a person or family who genuinely cannot afford to pay for necessary treatment of their pet.
  • With the emergency treatment or surgery, their pet can live a happy, healthy and supported life.
The Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre can sometimes reduce fees for example, by having a registrar-supervised surgery, so that might help some families afford the care. If not, then the Centre will contact Jennifer to decide what funds are available to contribute to the costs.
Please support the fund. I know that I'm very lucky to have found the family I have. But just because people don't have lots of money doesn't mean they love their pets any less.
We really are part of the family. Your donation can help keep us that way.
May your nose be damp and your tongue wet,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday- Cruden Farm

Cruden Farm Langwarrin- March 2011 by Kerry Tighe © use the link to view more photo's by kez24